Schibsted must be one of the best – if not the best – ambassadors of the global classifieds industry, thanks to the excellent way it explains how the world benefits from buying and selling used goods.

In 2016, the traders on eight of Schibsted’s classifieds sites saved 16.3 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions, the company said in a news release (here). Together, these sites received more than 60 million unique visitors per month in 2016.

The number of 16.3 million tons is the greenhouse gas emissions the users potentially saved by buying used products, instead of new products. The idea of tracing “the second-hand effect” came from Blocket in Sweden. The calculation is made by a Swedish institute called IVL, the Swedish Environmental Research Institute.

Schibsted even created a special site for “The second-hand effect” (here). (There you can read how the saving was calculated.) And named LeBonCoin the champion site for 2016 (single Schibsted site which had saved most emissions).

It is the second time that Schibsted published statistics on, what it calls ”the second-hand effect”. This time around, eight of its 30 marketplaces (seven of the big sites in Europe, plus Avito in Morocco) contributed to the statistics. The report is especially good for the way it explains the size of the annual saving of greenhouse gas emissions.

For instance, the 2016 saving equals:

• 1,440 flights around the globe in the world’s biggest airplane; or
• The annual greenhouse gas emissions of 1.8 million Europeans; or
• The production of 66 million sofas; or
• Paris streets free of traffic for six years.

The PR campaign for the report includes releases for each country. I got one from Sweden, where the climate benefit is huge for trading on Blocket and can be compared to all traffic standing still in Stockholm for one year.

In Norway, the benefit for the climate of trading second-hand goods on Finn can also be compared to all traffic standing still in Oslo for one year.

In Spain trading on Vibbo has a climate effect the same as if traffic in Madrid stood still for 4 months. And so it goes on for the group of eight Schibsted countries.

Look at the report here.

By publishing these reports, Schibsted promotes all second-hand trading. In other words, the global classifieds industry. Naturally, markets for second-hand trading on classifieds will grow, as more people understand how they are benefitting the global environment.

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