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Deren Baker, CEO of Jumpshot

Which classifieds site has the highest conversion rate? How do the users of Autotrader and Cargurus differ? What is the user journey like for someone who is buying a car?

These are the questions we challenged Deren Baker, CEO of Jumpshot, to answer when he takes the stage in Miami at the Global Online Classifieds Summit on June 22.

Baker has carved his career by using data to make informed, intelligent decisions. Ahead of the conference, he talked to us about how he helped shape the company’s strategy.

Jumpshot is a San Francisco-based data analysis company that assists marketers in understanding their competitors’ web traffic. Baker said he began his career as a product manager for Travelocity and has been using data to make decisions for years. He was approached by Jumpshot’s early investors to lead the company, and said after looking at the nature of the data, he jumped – pardon the pun – at the chance to become involved.

The company boasts one of the largest consumer panels in the industry, spanning more than 100 million people and covering the retail, travel, media, ad tech, personal finance and health care industries. Jumpshot offers its clients packages that include: site analysis, audience analytics, campaign effectiveness, marketplace reports, and keyword conversions, to help them better understand their competitors.

Baker says Jumpshot is able to build the highest quality analytics products on the market, because of the sheer amount of data they analyze.

“We can analyze more than 160 billion clicks per month from more than 100 million unique people, which spans desktop and mobile,” Baker explained. “Other solutions only have access to a fraction of the data that we do, and for the most part, can only analyze traffic to and from different points on the internet. Marketers are interested in understanding the entire customer journey, and we can provide those insights.”

By analyzing the clickstream activity of its panel, Jumpshot can determine user habits and their inclination to buy particular products. For example: Baker said visitors to The New Yorker are six times more likely to search for a Tesla on Cars.com, whereas visitors to the Washington Post are 50 percent more likely to search for a Mercedes or Cadillac.

Following the 2017 Super Bowl, Jumpshot were also able to determine that Audi saw a 35 percent increase in Google searches following its Super Bowl ads, but traffic to the car company’s “Find a Dealership” page decreased by 35 percent.

Baker said the company is going from strength to strength. In 2016, Jumpshot partnered with some of the world’s premier publishing, marketing and consulting brands and there’s more buzz coming in 2017.

“This year we will publicly announce that we are helping some of the most historic organisations learn more about their customers, create more personalized campaigns and ultimately, be more successful,” he said.

“We’ll also be rolling out four unique products that will help our partners understand their markets and customers better.”

And those attending the Global Online Classifieds Summit in Miami will gain more of an insight into consumer behavior on leading classifieds sites.

“I’ll be walking the audience through the customer journey of searching for jobs, cars and homes on today’s leading classified sites. We’ll be looking at user behaviour across classified sites, including EBay, Craigslist, Zillow, Cars.com, and many more.”