AutoScout24 cooperates with Loyalty Factory

02 May 2017

AutoScout24 (AS24) announced recently it has entered into a collaboration with Loyalty Factory GmbH, a German-Danish software firm that offers EASI’R, CRM software that connects used-auto shoppers with dealers.

The software functions in the background on AS24 and feeds customer inquiry information coming from a used-auto search to the dealer that has published the listing. Salespeople in dealerships also use EASI’R as a lead management dashboard.

EASI’R: SaaS platform for lead management in the auto industry (courtesy of EASI’R)

In the implementation phase, EASI’R functions only with Toyota dealerships in Germany that are AS24 dealer-partners. But, it will be rolled out to another importer soon, an announcement on the company’s blog stated.

EASI’R offers German dealers two options to process leads. Option A enables salespeople to collect and track leads systematically from used-auto shoppers. It generates proposed email responses to customers about setting up test drives and sends reminders to follow up on leads.

Option B connects dealers with used-auto customers on AS24 and new-auto importers to convert used auto leads into new auto leads. EASI’R provides salespeople information on the purchase history and personal information of a potential buyer. It also allows the importer to suggest a new auto as an alternative offer to the used one that generated the lead. Based on both pieces of information, the salesperson can decide whether or not to pursue a new auto sale.

Interestingly, EASI’R is also being used by EBay-owned Bilbasen, Denmark’s leading auto marketplace. It does not appear that, Germany’s No. 1 auto site and also an EBay subsidiary, is on board yet, but that could happen.

Ultimately, the benefit of EASI’R is that it keeps leads from falling through the cracks, and gets dealers closer to customers at the early stage of auto shopping. Nearly all German consumers do research online before going to a dealership – with AS24 (and being among the most popular sites for checking out prices and models. The hope is that EASI’R will enable more AS24 dealer-partners to turn these leads into sales.


Kate Rodriguez

Kate Rodriguez covers the German market for AIM Group. She is a freelance business writer with an extensive background in public policy, business consulting and marketing. Originally from the U.S., Kate is now based in Munich.