In Turkey, EBay’s introduced an additional way to pay for products which are known as “fast-moving consumer goods”, and which are repurchased with regular intervals. Payment of these products follows a different, time-saving procedure. 

Linked to the new, faster way to shop, is the prerequisite that the user must first become a kind of premium member. (This is free, as far as we know – editor.)  Only members can buy fast-moving consumer goods with the fastpay procedure.

This is how it works: Subscribed users orders goods on the site, and the site sends them a confirmation mail. Next, the user clicks the “buy” button in the email, thereby activating the fastpay procedure. Only then the goods are dispatched to the buyer.

The subscribed user can fix periods for rebuying. In other words, he can determine that the site sends him a certain hair shampoo every 4 weeks. The site will then send the customer the order email after 4 weeks, which the user can then confirm and pay by clicking the “buy” button. 

According to, this service speeds up the payment process, since the credit card detail of the user is registered on the site at the outset, which allows the subscriber to complete payment simply by entering the 3-digit security code when he confirms the email order. Users who prefer not to save their credit card details in the site’s database can select to follow the normal payment procedure and pay as they’ve always done in the past. started this service with personal care products only. Bulent Elcin, sales director of, said the range of products included in this service will gradually be extended. The product range will be extended to diapers, detergents, sanitary pads, shampoos etc., he said.  

Thus, the main idea behind the new service is to cut the time taken (and hassle) to repeat-buy consumer goods, such as shampoos and detergents, on the site. 

Sounds like another small step for sites, which may turn into a big step for humankind.

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