Starting today, Xing Talent Manager, the tool for recruiters to find and contact candidates for jobs, will include a new feature called “Wechselmotivation” (motivation to change). As part of the candidate profile information, a recruiter now sees an indicator showing how likely a candidate is to be open to a job offer.

Xing is the largest business network in DACH (Germany, Austria, and Switzerland).

Frank Hassler, managing director of Xing E-Recruiting, announced the feature yesterday during a presentation at Sourcing Summit Germany (#SOSUDE), a conference of some 250 talent acquisition specialists from DACH.

Xing’s new licensing package E-Recruiting 360°

Hassler told AIM Group the motivation feature uses machine learning to predict a candidate’s interest in changing jobs by collecting and measuring around 50 data points, such as work history in the profile and the candidate’s activity on Xing (updating profile, opening jobs, answering recruiter messages, for instance). It rates on four levels the likelihood a candidate will respond to a job lead from a recruiter.

This use of smart data in recruiting is one of three trends Xing sees in the industry and is designing products around. The others are multi-channel sourcing and candidate relationship management.

Regarding candidate relationship management – that is, building contacts with a pool of candidates to approach later with job opportunities – Hassler told the audience Xing will introduce Talentpool Manager, a new product in the e-Recruiting suite, in September.

This will allow recruiters to create a database of candidate contacts in one place (candidates from Xing’s network but also from any other source) and begin to develop contact with them. He said the vision for the product is to enable recruiters to “see all potential candidates in one place, easily stay in touch with them and contact them at the right time about job openings”. The product is being beta-tested now with select firms before the formal launch.

Talentpool Manager also helps address the “walled garden” problem that Xing faces – recruiters using its e-recruiting products can only see job seekers who are registered members of Xing. (It has over 12 million users, but that’s still only half the number of professionals in DACH). The non-Xing contacts recruiters add to the pool will also appear in their candidate searches.

To address the multi-channel sourcing trend, it rolled out Xing E-Recruiting 360° last month. This is a licensing package for companies to access all of the e-recruiting products (Jobs, Employer Branding, Talent Manager and Referral Manager) with added client services, such as online training and events.

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