Oikotie adds video search to its recruitment section

19 May 2017

In Finland, Oikotie.fi, Sanoma’s horizontal platform for apartments, vehicles, and jobs, launched the REC30 video-search service in the section of Oikotie Työpaikat (Oikotie Jobs).

The new service enables recruiters to add a request for candidates to provide a video of up to 30 seconds with their answers to a question included in the job description.

The request includes a specific REC30 code that matches the answers with the recruitment. You can add this request to the job announcement, or submit it directly to candidates, together with instructions how to record an answer.

The candidate can answer the question with an easy-to-use mobile (Android and IOS) or web app. To do so, he has to enter the REC30 code into the app, and then record his answer.

The recruiter receives a daily email notification of received videos. He can then watch videos in the employer’s administration section on the Oikotie site.

The REC30 video-search service can be purchased for a single recruitment, for unlimited use, or as an “open search” option.

According to Joonas Pihlajamaa, director at Oikotie Jobs, a 30-second video guides the applicant to summarize his words and focus on the essentials. Thus, you can avoid unnecessary interviews when you get an idea of the applicant’s personality in advance, he said in the news statement announcing the service launch.

Oikotie Jobs is one of the most popular job sites in Finland. It competes mainly with Alma Media’s job site Monster.fi. Another important site is job search engine Duunitori.fi.

In April this year, Oikotie.fi (all categories) received 2.4 million visits, while Monster.fi counted 288,500 visits, and Duunitori.fi had 1.2 million visits (desktop and mobile websites) in the same month, as measured by SimilarWeb.com.


Andrzej Sowula

Andrzej Sowula has been a writer and an analyst for AIM Group since March 2013, focusing on the Polish market. As a journalist, he has worked in Poland for regional newspapers and national Internet-focused magazines for almost a decade. He has also substantial both in-house and in a PR agency experience as a PR specialist. Currently, he owns a small PR consultancy in Poland called PR Solutions. Andrzej has graduated from Journalism, Political Science and Business and Management at Jagiellonian University. He lives and works in Krakow.