Indeed top source of hires by long way – report

01 Jun 2017, the global jobs search engine of Recruit Holdings, received confirmation that it is the leading source of interviews and hires in the U.S. from an independent observer, namely talent tech specialist SilkRoad. In a study (here) released earlier this week, the firm found Indeed to be the “top source of hires” in the U.S. by a long way.

It is the sixth year in which Indeed was found to be “the top, online talent source”.

According to the 2017 survey results, Indeed was directly responsible for 72 percent of all interviews, and for 65 percent of all hires made through jobs sites and search engines (combined) in the U.S. in 2016. In other words, twice as many hires as all other top, branded external sources combined!

Indeed operates sites in 60 countries, in 28 languages, with 4,000 employees. It has a huge database of 90 million resumes. Every month more than 200 million people search for jobs on Indeed – 9.8 new jobs are added (on average) every second (source: site).

A pie chart from SilkRoad’s report titled Sources of Hire 2017

In the U.S., Indeed led the pack of not-so-weak rivals, including CareerBuilder (10.9 percent of all hires), LinkedIn (8.2 percent), Craigslist (4.4 percent), Monster (2.4 percent) and Glassdoor (2.1 percent).

Chicago-headquartered SilkRoad gleaned data of 14 million applicants, 329,000 hires and 655,000 interviews to reach its findings. Numbers were considered up to February this year.

On its blog, Indeed interpreted the numbers as saying, “Indeed provided 2.6 times as many as all other online sources combined, and more than seven times as many as LinkedIn”.

“Our laser focus on job seekers, and our mission to help people get jobs, deliver results for employers,” said Paul D’Arcy, senior vice president of Indeed. “Work is such an important part of people’s lives around the world, and our entire business is built around understanding this importance and matching the right employee to the right opportunity.”

According to the SilkRoad report, LinkedIn and CareerBuilder were the two most successful jobs sites (excluding search engines). LinkedIn was the top brand as measured by interviews delivered. It delivered almost half of all interviews of all jobs sites in the U.S., ahead of CareerBuilder. And CareerBuilder facilitated 39 percent of all hires made through jobs sites (only), followed by LinkedIn with 29.3 percent.


Tariq Ahmed Saeedi

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