Firstbird, the Vienna-based recruiting-tech start-up, upgraded its existing company-branding feature to enable its customers to fully customize their corporate identities, it announced today.

“We introduced more flexibility, to make the tool more customizable,” said Nick Peña, international sales manager at Firstbird. “Customers will now be able to fully customize all of their publications, so the tool is more adaptable to their identities. Coming up, we will also enable clients to change the interface layout.”

Arnim Wahls, founder and CEO of (photo from his LinkedIn page with thanks)

Earlier this week, Firstbird announced that it had teamed up with New York-based Greenhouse Software to create a bridge between the applicant tracking system (ATS) and management of the company’s referral network, making referral and hiring ‘a one-stop shop’.

The partnership allows Firstbird users to export job posts seamlessly from Greenhouse’s ATS to the Firstbird platform, thereby optimizing their entire referral recruiting process. Recruiters will directly import their referral/applications, as well as feedback information from Firstbird to Greenhouse.

“We aim to provide companies and start-ups with a powerful and efficient tool by creating an organic recruiting channel,” said Arnim Wahls, founder and CEO of Firstbird. “By integrating with Greenhouse, we can guarantee a seamless referral process enhanced by the gamification concept and great product usability.”

Greenhouse gives companies worldwide, such as Airbnb, Pinterest and, the ability to change their organization through better hiring. Through their optimized and highly customizable platform, companies can find better candidates, improve their interview skills through their all-in-one ‘interview kits’ and make data-driven hiring decisions.

Firstbird customizes all job content with the company’s branding and logos, thereby giving companies exposure to anyone who comes into contact with their branded jobs and links. The group was founded in 2013 to tackle the most difficult challenge that companies face – how to hire suitable new talent.

Ultimately, Firstbird is tapping into the fact that the most natural and efficient way to connect people with jobs is via personal relationships. Referrals have long been shown to be the key to better hires, hence Firstbird’s cloud-based employee referral platform for teams and corporations.

In recent years, employee referral has become a popular hiring method, not least because it keeps costs down and increases the success rate of campaigns. In February, Firstbird launched its first app, Firstbird2Go, which is aimed at employees and business contact – or ‘talent scouts’ – as Firstbird calls them, which allows them to share open jobs with their contacts and to refer suitable candidates to the relevant hiring manager.

Firstbird, in which the Swiss online job portal JobCloud holds a minority stake, is not the first firm to wake up to the benefits of employee referral. Over in Germany, Talentry offers a similar mobile-based product, although there is no app to date. In 2012, BuddyBroker launched its automated employee referral tool Eqipia in Switzerland. Business network Xing acquired Buddybroker in 2015.

Firstbird’s growth is indicative of how much traction there is in the sector. Since mid-2016, it has grown its client base to more than 2,150 companies worldwide, up from 900 a year ago.

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