Darrell Cavens

OfferUp has a new board member: Darrell Cavens, the CEO of Zulily, a Seattle-based e-commerce site for moms and kids. Cavens will be OfferUp’s first, independent board member.

He joins OfferUp CEO Nick Huzar, Jeff Jordan of Andreessen Horowitz, Justin Sadrian of Warburg Pincus, angel investor Serena Glover and Josh Breinlinger of Jackson Square Ventures.

Cavens has been friendly with Huzar for several years and has even given him advice on building a business. Cavens said that OfferUp “reminds me a lot of Zulily in the early days, and I thought I could help them with some of the lessons I learned along the way about scaling a business.”

Cavens has no financial stake in OfferUp, although several of Zulily’s original investors have put money into the general classifieds app, which competes with LetGo, Mercari, Close5 and Craigslist.

Cavens sold Zulily in 2015 to home-shopping giant QVC.

“As a successful entrepreneur in building consumer brands at massive scale, Darrell’s unique perspective will be invaluable to OfferUp as we set our sights on this next wave of local-marketplace growth,” Huzar said in a news release.

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