Listings cloud makes life easier for landlord, agent

08 Jun 2017

In December 2016, we reported (here) the launch of a real-estate cloud called Trading Revolution 10, which enables agents in Japan to simultaneously post their listings on all the key property sites, namely,, and

Now, thanks to new technology, this principle also works for agents commissioned by landlords to find tenants for their properties. Landlord Cloud (at links agent and landlord.

Screenshot of Landlord Cloud tool by

The rental property management tool makes information distribution (dissemination) between landlord and agent easy on a real-time basis. Cocolea, the creator of Landlord Cloud, helps the landlord to create his listing (with floor plan etc.) on the cloud. This is free.

The landlord updates the listing in the cloud – to have it ready and updated when a new tenant needs to be found.

This obviates the need for agents and landlords to communicate about a vacancy per telephone or fax. Also, the listing for a specific apartment is only created once and doesn’t have to be re-created every time a new tenant needs to be found (read news release).

The floor plans are already live, and when the apartment goes vacant, the landlord simply changes/updates the status on the platform, and that’s it. All the connected (commissioned) agents are then notified automatically that the apartment is back on the market. If the landlord handles his own tenant search, he can easily place his cloud-kept-and-updated listing on real estate sites of his choice.

In essence, Landlord Cloud is a “listings bank”, which makes life easier for both the landlord and the real estate agent.

Tokyo-based Cocolea Co. Ltd. ( developed Landlord Cloud, the landlord self-management cloud. It also created software for managing real estate listings, and other business products for the internet.

(As far as we can make out, this tool is only available in Japanese – editor.)


Tariq Ahmed Saeedi

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