Recruit builds tool to measure staff satisfaction

09 Jun 2017

Recruit Holdings, a global recruiting giant with job sites, such as Rikunabi, RikunabiNext, and TownWork in Japan, and in 60 countries, introduced an innovative tool for employers to measure the ‘satisfaction level’ of hired talents.

The tool is called, and was designed and developed in partnership with Tokyo-based internet media business CyberAgent.

“By collecting the answers of employees on a number of questions every month, we can identify early signs of changes in the well-being of employees and organizations, and can use the knowledge to solve problems promptly and promote the right employee for the right task,” Recruit said in a statement.

Yoshihiro Kitamura (left), managing executive officer of Recruit Holdings, and Susumu Fujita (right), director of CyberAgent, at announcement of Fusion

The tool can be deployed by a company with the minimum of effort and input. It helps an employer to glean rich, operational insights, presented graphically, and ready to act upon.

Originally, Geppo was designed under the banner of Human Capital Technology Co. Ltd, a joint venture of Recruit and CyberAgent, especially established to develop and bring to market human-capital tech products such as Geppo.

In May, the partnership was formalized when a joint venture agreement was signed with the project name Fusion. Together the partners want to create new recruitment businesses.


Tariq Ahmed Saeedi

Tariq Ahmed Saeedi covers Pakistan. Tariq is curious to dig up stories revealing the potential of technologies in turning things around.