Single-brand auto sites gain traction in Turkey

09 Jun 2017
A relatively young type of used-auto site in Turkey, is gradually turning up the heat: single-brand, used-auto sites. Many joined the competition relatively recently; only one has been active for 15 years, namely Dod (at Most haven't even spent money on marketing and/or advertising. Individually, they are still small-fry as measured by visitors; taken together, they represent a force.
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Emre Dalkilic

Emre Dalkilic joined the AIM Group in 2014 as writer and analyst for Turkey. He has been working as a reporter, editor, editor-in-chief, and executive editor in different (primarily focusing on the growing Turkish economy) magazines more than 13 years. As a member of multiple organizations focusing on global economies coupled with a passion for scientific research, he actively contributes coverage on various business sectors within the online media and classified industries.Emre won three scientific article prizes in the field of economics and his works can be seen in many daily newspapers in Turkey (such as Sabah, Zaman and Radikal). He also works with non-governmental organizations as a volunteer and occasionally serves as a board member. Emre has also been involved in social projects including a project with the World Bank.