Why the 2017 Recruitment Annual is indispensable

09 Jun 2017

It is difficult to summarize the 2017 Recruitment Advertising Annual. Simply, because there’s so much in it. For instance, leading job sites in 39 countries are analyzed, 20 start-ups are reviewed, and the latest innovations across the global job-site landscape are highlighted. The 111-page report contains more than 100 graphics and charts.  

More specifically, the report includes:

+ While Indeed is standing very strong, its future is far from guaranteed. Facebook, Google, and Microsoft are all active in recruitment classifieds; general classified sites Craigslist, LeBonCoin and Quikr have strengthened their job categories, and thousands of niche sites capture millions of dollars in revenue as well. A five-page analysis of Indeed.com looks at the job aggregator, which is moving aggressively into direct relationships with employers and has a highly defensible “freemium” model. Revenue is growing exponentially.

+ Coverage of recent announcements by Google and Facebook about their moves into online recruitment advertising.

+ Five pages of reporting on LinkedIn, which was purchased last year by Microsoft, including three charts.

+ Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and programmatic advertising are becoming mainstream tools in recruitment advertising. The report takes an in-depth look at the growth of artificial intelligence and machine learning tools in recruitment.

+ Charts of market-leading job sites in 14 countries.

+ Overviews of 20 start-ups.

“The world hasn’t gotten any easier for recruitment advertising sites, such as CareerBuilder, TotalJobs, StepStone and Seek,” said Rob Paterson, the AIM Group director of consulting. “While Indeed has grown remarkably strong, it faces tough competition from three of the five internet giants — Google, Facebook and Microsoft — and thousands of up-and-coming sites, established major- and targeted-market services, and technology tools that continue changing the face of recruitment,” he said.

The report is available for $1,495 U.S. with a money-back guarantee at AIMGroup.com. A free preview edition is also available on the site.

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Note to reporters / editors

Free copies of the report are available for coverage purposes by calling 407-788-2780 or emailing [email protected] Founding principal Peter M. Zollman of the AIM Group is available for interviews at 407-788-2780.

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The AIM Group is the world’s leading consultancy in interactive media and classified advertising. It publishes Classified Intelligence Report, a continuous advisory service often called “the bible of the classified advertising industry.” The AIM Group consults with leading media companies, broadcasters, dot-coms, and technology companies, providing strategic and tactical support; sales training; proprietary and published research. It also organizes four conferences annually, including RecTech, a recruitment advertising and technology conference, and AutosPlus, the world’s only conference for the automotive advertising industry. Founded in 1998, it is based in Altamonte Springs, FL. For more information call (407) 788-2780 or see AIMGroup.com. Founded in 1998, it is based in Altamonte Springs, FL. For more information call (407) 788-2780 or see AIMGroup.com.

For more information call (407) 788-2780, or see AIMGroup.com.


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