Cool offices: Inside Israel’s Yad2

12 Jun 2017

Yad2 is Israel’s No. 1 classified site, leading in every vertical category plus general classifieds to boot. The company was acquired by Axel Springer in May 2014 for $228 million. Two years later, Yad2 moved into some spiffy new digs in Tel Aviv.

We visited the Yad2 office last week. It’s one of the most Silicon Valley-ish we’ve seen in Israel, with nearly every corner, surface and floor space designed in startup chic.

In Yad2’s case, that means secondhand chic: old telephone booths, a punching bag, a vintage typewriter and 1970s high school-style lockers. Which makes sense since Yad2 means “secondhand” in Hebrew.

We asked Yad2 CEO Yavin Gill-more if we could share some photos as part of our occasional “Cool Offices” series and he said sure. He sent us these.

Entrance with mocked-up “old” phone booths


The Yad2 kitchen


Chill-out zone with punching bag and vintage video game


Another way to chill out: on the swing


Lockers and graffiti add retro originality


Main conference room


Conference room inside a stylish shipping “container”


Bathroom sinks wrapped by old tires.


Brian Blum

Brian Blum covers the U.S., Canada and Israel for Classified Intelligence Report, and contributes to our special reports and research projects. Originally from San Francisco and now based in Jerusalem, he has been with the AIM Group since 2004. He is the president of Blum Interactive Media, specializing in writing and multimedia content development for online, print, video and audio. His clients include newspapers, universities and non-profits. He is currently working on a book about the billion-dollar bankruptcy of a once high-flying Israeli startup.