EBay Kleinanzeigen, German’s No. 1 classifieds stuff site, now has more unique monthly visitors than the marketplace EBay.de, according to the Working Group for Online Media Research (Arbeitsgemeinschaft Onlineforschung, or AGOF for short).

Courtesy of EBay Kleinanzeigen

AGOF measured 20.78 million unique visitors to EBay-Kleinanzeigen.de in March 2017 compared to 20.65 million visitors to EBay.de in the same period, stated an article on Horizont.de  (here in German).

AGOF is an independent ranking body that organizations pay to have their digital traffic measured.

EBay Kleinanzeigen has also overtaken EBay.de in overall site visits (online and mobile), according to IVW rankings. (IVW is an independent traffic rating agency.) In January, when it first started partnering with IVW to measure its traffic, the classifieds site registered around 150 million visits, compared to EBay.de’s approximately 175 million.

Last month, however, EBay Kleinanzeigen garnered around 375 million visitors as opposed to EBay.de’s 158 million.

EBay Kleinanzeigen’s unique monthly user traffic has grown modestly since it began using EBay Advertising unit as its ad publisher in April 2016. Traffic in March 2016, before the cooperation began, was 19.56 million.

EBay Advertising was the classifieds site’s ad publisher from 2012 to 2014. In the intervening years, however, the site partnered with outside ad firms. EBay.de also uses EBay Advertising as its ad publisher.

In an interview in April on Onlinemarketing.de, Serhan Guenes, EBay Kleinanzeigen’s head of advertising and partnerships, explained the site has generated nearly 30 percent more revenue by using header bidding. This method enables EBay Kleinanzeigen to more effectively display its ads on other marketplaces, he added (here in German).