, the leading general classifieds site in the Netherlands owned by EBay, has just added an iDEAL payments service, one of the most popular payments services for individuals in Dutch web shops, to the site. It also checks the identities of users, and so tackles the fraud issue.

Registered sellers on Marktplaats can now indicate (when listing) that they want to use the new feature. Buyers will see this in the listings. And soon, Marktplaats users will also find the words ‘status checked’ on profiles of sellers.

The iDEAL payments service makes transactions safer (Marktplaats has been grappling with fraud on the site for a while) since it cannot be used anonymously. To use the service, a user must provide a certain amount of personal information, including an account number and a telephone number. When large sums of money are transferred, there are additional checks. For example, identities are checked against passports, or an iDIN check is done.

Marktplaats works with the Online Payment Platform (Online BetaalPlatform, or OBP) to process payments via iDEAL. OBP associates the bank details of the iDEAL payer with his account on Marktplaats.

For more detail on how iDEAL works for peer-to-peer payments, go here and here.

Apart from iDEAL, Marktplaats added a chat function several months ago, and started offering (showing) listings based on a user’s past search behavior. Also, there is a special “In Your Neighborhood” feed with ads based on location.

Taking over remaining assets of

Marktplaats will take over the leftover assets of Schibsted-owned, one of Belgium’s leading classified sites that was not profitable and closed down.

Some assets of, such as domain name and URL, were taken over earlier by also owned by EBay (we reported about it here). The former Kapaza users are now redirected to this site.

This week, it was announced will take over the rest. It is not clear exactly what was meant with leftover assets.

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