Facebook Marketplace, the feature that enables users to browse used items for sale in their vicinity, is reportedly coming to Germany soon. And with it, maybe a worthy challenger to the dominant stuff site EBay Kleinanzeigen.

The EBay stuff site already seems to be reacting by transferring its operations from the Netherlands to Germany.

A source quoted in an article on Tagesspiegel.de yesterday (here in German), claimed Facebook Marketplace will roll out to Germany, France and Benelux in the middle of August. Starting at the end of July, it will be available in Ireland, Italy, Portugal and Spain, claimed the article. (No official word from Facebook itself on the matter, though.)

Facebook Marketplace will expand to Europe

The service first launched in October 2016 in the U.S., UK, Australia and New Zealand.

The Marketplace allows Facebook users to search for and sell items to others in their local areas and networks. Like EBay Kleinanzeigen, Facebook does not facilitate payment or delivery of stuff sold, and it’s free to use.

The Marketplace’s looming launch may be one reason why EBay Kleinanzeigen decided to officially move operations to Germany from the Netherlands earlier this month. Previously, the platform was operated by Marktplaats B.V. in Amsterdam, but on July 3 it was taken over by EBay Kleinanzeigen GmbH (this is itself a new name, changed in February from EBay Corporate Services GmbH), based in Berlin.

In June, users received an email about the change in the terms and conditions that read: “With this change, we are clearly illustrating who stands behind the brand EBay Kleinanzeigen.”

Does Facebook Marketplace really pose a threat to EBay Kleinanzeigen in Germany? Based on sheer numbers, possibly. The latter has around 20 million unique visitors monthly, based on independent estimates.

Facebook released figures in June (here in German) showing that it has 30 million active users monthly in Germany, 21 million of whom use the social media site daily.

EBay Kleinanzeigen, however, has been the established No. 1 in Germany for years. It far outstrips older, German-owned Markt.de and Austrian-owned Quoka.de. These sites, for example, only get between six and seven million visits per month to their desktop and mobile sites (source: SimilarWeb.com).

Meanwhile, in the U.S., Facebook Marketplace has received mixed reviews.

Earlier this month, Facebook started testing showing ads inside Marketplace in the U.S. in an attempt to monetize the service.

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