Temporary jobs site Jianzhile secures pre-A funding

30 Jul 2017

Jianzhile (兼职乐, or “HappyJob.com”) announced that it recently secured pre-A funding worth “several tens of million” RMB (several million of U.S. dollars). The round was led by Flyfot Ventures (飞图创投), and joined by Longcapital (长石资本) and the headhunting website Liepin (猎聘).

Jianzhile’s mission is to create “a bridge between university graduates, blue-collar workers, and businesses”. It currently focuses on four major job categories – retail, logistics, food and beverage services, and outdoor event support.

Jianzhile was founded in March 2015, and currently facilitates 60,000 jobs per month. Its user base is currently concentrated in Northern China, in the areas around Beijing. The platform currently has approximately 7,000 corporate clients.   

This latest round continues to demonstrate that the appeal of the temp segment of the job market to Chinese investors is undiminished. The extent to which this influx of money is driving genuine diversification, remains to be seen.

Jianzhile faces a steep challenge in going head-to-head with Doumi (斗米), 58.com’s (NYSE :WUBA) blue-collar temping app. Doumi is currently hoovering up new users at an unprecedented rate, claiming MAU of 20 million, and monthly visits to the platform of 200 million across its many platforms.

According to Questmobile’s Q2 report, Doumi’s MAU for the first six months of this year was up 683 percent over the same six months of 2016, the highest figure among all mobile recruitment platforms. 

Another early-stage, blue-collar temping app is Gongzuo Chong (工作虫), which secured 10 million RMB ($1.5 million U.S.) in a March angel-investment round.

Looking beyond blue-collar temping is a company such as Zike.com (自客, otherwise known as Ziwork), which is expanding the temping and freelancing model into higher-paid arenas, such as coding and graphic design.

Doumi and Jianzhile are targeting university students with a fun and extremely “cute” aesthetic (see right). What’s more, both are pushing the character-building “experience” value of tech-backed precarity.    

Liepin, founded by Rick Dai, a former recruitment and marketing expert at P&G, is a mixture of recruitment and headhunting (in Chinese, “liepin” literally means “headhunting” in the professional sense). With relatively stiff criteria for acceptance as a job seeker on the platform, it targets the middle manager up to senior executives at Forbes 500-level companies. It claims over 20 million users, and 390,000 client companies.

Jianzhile is operated by Hebei Lepin Renli Ziyuan Fuwu Youxian Gongsi (河北乐聘人力资源服务有限公司), which was founded in 2015.


Tom Marling

Tom is a PhD candidate in Chinese History at Hong Kong Baptist University, and former PR consultant in Mainland China. He joined the AIM Group in 2016 as a writer/analyst.