Mercedes starts own used-autos site in Germany

09 Sep 2017

It’s fresh competition for Germany’s big auto sites: at next week’s international auto show in Frankfurt, Mercedes-Benz will officially launch a used-autos platform that allows buyers to order from dealers, according to a report on Kfz-Betrieb (in German). The online store soft-launched in June.

Before then, buyers could search the Mercedes site for used autos and see offers from dealers in their area, but had to contact dealers directly to purchase.

Mercedes-Benz now sells used Mercedes-Benz autos on its own site, in a step with the potential to damage and

The platform still has some limitations, however. Buyers cannot pay by bank transfer. Financing and leasing, however, are available through the Mercedes-Benz Bank. It’s Germany’s first auto financier to offer “video legitimation” to conclude contracts, meaning that users can verify their identity via video, said the Kfz-Betrieb article.

The new platform lists autos that are no older than 6 years, have a maximum of 120,000 kilometers and offer at least a one-year warranty. There are currently around 47,000 listings.

That’s almost half of the approximately 107,000 used Mercedes autos listed by dealers on Germany’s No. 1 auto platform, and more than half of those listed on No. 2 AutoScout24. Since Mercedes is allowing all certified dealers to participate (list on the site), its platform is providing a selling channel for a large number, which could impact business for the leading sites.

Mercedes-Benz is the first German car maker to offer an online buying option. Volkswagen, Audi, BMW and Porsche have used-auto sites that list ads from dealers and connect them with prospective buyers, but they don’t facilitate purchases.


Kate Rodriguez

Kate Rodriguez covers the German market for AIM Group. She is a freelance business writer with an extensive background in public policy, business consulting and marketing. Originally from the U.S., Kate is now based in Munich.