General Atlantic offers to buy a stake in

19 Sep 2017

The US-based investment company General Atlantic has come up with an offer to buy a 25-40% stake in the dominant property site of the Netherlands Funda valuing the site as a whole at €240 million. The offer was rejected by the owner NVM, Dutch media reported.

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Anastasia Gnezditskaia

Anastasia Gnezditskaia has joined AIM Group in 2014 as a writer/analyst covering France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Eastern Europe. A Russian living in Antwerp, Belgium, she has a background working for trade publications covering markets and their regulation. She is educated at Moscow State Lomonosov University (MA in psychology) and Central European University (PhD in public policy). After obtaining her doctoral degree, she taught international political economy at George Washington University in Washington DC where she lived for 10 years. Following this she managed international development projects in Africa at the World Bank, and worked as a journalist covering Congress, federal government agencies and commodity markets, particularly shale gas development in North America.