Xing rolls out product to manage talent pools

20 Sep 2017

Xing, the largest online career network platform in DACH (Germany, Austria and Switzerland), launched TalentpoolManager yesterday, a tool enabling recruiters to build and manage a network of potential candidates. It joins the growing suite of Xing E-Recruiting products and was unveiled at Zukunft Personal, Europe’s largest HR trade fair that’s taking place this week in Cologne.

“With this, we link active sourcing with talent-pool management,” Frank Hassler, managing director of Xing E-Recruiting GmbH, told the AIM Group.

TalentpoolManager lets recruiters fill pools through several channels. First, when companies purchase access to the tool, Xing automatically creates a “starter” pool of Xing candidates whose profiles fit the company’s profile.

Xing E-Recruiting’s newest: TalentpoolManager

Second, recruiters themselves can pull in candidates from the Xing network and externally (the tool parses data from uploaded CVs to build a profile). Finally, Xing adds to the pool the profile of any candidate who follows a company or who indicates an interest in working for a company by clicking an “I’m interested” button on the company profile page.

Data on a candidate that’s imported into the pool is automatically updated when they update their Xing profile. In TalentpoolManager, employers see the candidate’s profile information, if the candidate has been added to another company’s pool, and an indicator of how likely he/she is to be willing to change jobs (Wechselmotivation).

Employers can also create employer branding campaigns to reach out to talent pools in order to “stay as close as possible across the candidate journey,” said Hassler.

TalentpoolManager is available as a stand-alone product (€2,500 for an annual license) or as part of E-Recruiting 360°, a licensing package for access to all tools that Xing introduced in April.

Building talent pools to tap for hiring is nothing new, but technology is making it easier to find better matches from a bigger audience of potentials. And providers are entering the field.

One is TalentWunder, a German start-up that helps firms build talent networks by mining candidate data from the web. CEO Andreas Dittes said in a presentation at Zukunft Personal today that “talent pool-building will be a big trend over the next five years” due to labor shortages. Another is Australia’s LiveHire, which enables companies to build talent communities on its platform.

Xing’s TalentpoolManager is the sixth product in the growing E-Recruiting family. Next will probably be PreScreen, the cloud-based ATS provider that Xing acquired in July. Hassler said the product will eventually be integrated into the E-Recruiting suite, but will remain its own brand.

He told us uptake of E-Recruiting 360° has been “very good – better than predicted”, and said the company will continue to build out its product line. “We are already the best in recruiting, but we need to help employers manage the hiring process, too. That’s our product vision,” he explained.


Kate Rodriguez

Kate Rodriguez covers the German market for AIM Group. She is a freelance business writer with an extensive background in public policy, business consulting and marketing. Originally from the U.S., Kate is now based in Munich.