It’s gone through a number of name changes, but today Google Cloud Jobs API, which has been in testing with a number of job sites and recruiting agencies since it was announced in November 2016, has officially entered “beta” with a new (and presumably final) name: Cloud Job Discovery.

Saying that the product has been in testing with “a number of job boards” is a bit of a misnomer. While Google initially called Cloud Job Discovery a “limited alpha” and announced just three main partners — CareerBuilder, Dice and Jibe — Google’s Tarquin Clark said that the service has since been deployed on more than 3,000 job properties, including major brands, such as Johnson & Johnson.

Cloud Job Discovery uses Google’s deep data along with machine learning to improve search for job listings. Google provides this service to its customers as an API (hence the previous name). It includes automatic synonym and acronym expansion that cut down the need for users to type in Boolean keywords; job enrichment functionality that adds relevant information; location mapping; and a dynamic recommendation engine where users can mark which jobs they like and don’t.

We wrote about the functionality of Google’s Cloud Job Discovery in Classified Intelligence Report (CIR 17.22, December 1, 2016) and here on our website.

The rebranding as Cloud Job Discovery helps situate the product in the broader Google for Jobs initiative, which includes Google Hire (the company’s new applicant tracking system) and Google Search for Jobs.

When Cloud Job Discovery first launched last year, we wondered whether it was the long-rumored Google job site. It’s now clear that the API is part of a much bigger, full frontal attack by Google on the job space.

“Cloud Job Discovery plays a vital role in the Google for Jobs initiative, powering smarter job searches and recommendations to make the right jobs for the right job seekers easier to discover,” Clark said in a release.

Cloud Job Discovery has expanded beyond job sites and career sites, Clark added, and now includes staffing agencies and third-party ATSs. In addition, the product supports job search “in more than 100 language varieties.”

Google quoted early partner Jibe in its release, saying that Cloud Job Discovery helped Jibe client Johnson & Johnson increase the number of high-quality applicants by 41 percent. The number of career site click-throughs from job postings was up 45 percent. Here’s a Johnson & Johnson case study.

Recruiting group Hays is also using Google Cloud Job Discovery and says it has seen its application rate for Canada jump 22 percent since starting to work with the new search product.

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