Quikr, a leading horizontal classifieds site in India which is in a head-to-head battle for supremacy with OLX of Naspers, launched a television campaign for a single category, namely smartphones (look at spot on YouTube). It’s the first ever Quikr ad campaign for a single category.

Quikr developed the category very well, before spending money on the ad campaign. There are certified mobile phones in different conditions – from “unboxed”, to “like new”, “fair” and “good”. Used phones are Quikr certified after a 36-point quality check. They are sold with a 7-day replacement guarantee and a 6-month warranty.

Refurbished mobile phones are also offered (here). Apparently, Quikr buys, refurbishes and re-sells phones. And, there are phones listed by private users. So, there’s a wide spectrum of options.

It must be especially unsettling to OLX India that Quikr had decided to focus its marketing effort on smartphones. During a recent webcast with analysts, Martin Scheepbouwer, CEO of OLX Group, said Quikr and OLX India have their strengths in different categories and added that the category electronics (including smartphones) was one of the strengths of OLX India.

Then came the Quikr TV campaign – a direct attack on OLX India’s strong position in the electronics category.

Incidentally, the category smartphones is one of the most popular on horizontals in India. According to a GSM Association report, Chinese handsets are especially popular in India, where the smartphone user base crossed the 300-million mark, after an 18-percent surge in shipments in 2016. (In comparison, the global smartphone market grew only three percent in 2016, according to the same report.)

The TV campaign, produced for Quikr by Mullen Lintas, addresses the negative image parts of the population have of used goods. The spot points out why it’s a good move to buy Quikr’s certified phones, thereby debunking the worries associated with buying used goods.

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