MyJobo starts to charge employers for services

09 Oct 2017

In a move to boost revenue, Malawi-based, free (to job seekers) jobs site changed its business model to one which charges employers for every service of the site they use.

The start-up, which was founded in 2014 by entrepreneur Kondwani Mwangulube (LinkedIn), and has been self-funded since, now charges employers for services it previously offered for free, including listing job ads, vetting staff, searching the CV database, and doing reference checks. For job seekers, however, the site and all its services remain free to use. wants to transition from a free online recruitment services provider to a business providing fast, modern, and cost-effective recruitment services, such as paid-for job advertising and talent-search services to employers, CEO Mwangulube said in a news release. Specifically, the following services are now charged: online job advertising, staff vetting, CV search and reference checks, he said.

How much the sites charges for each service wasn’t divulged in the news release, and no price list appears on the site. Interested employers must inquire by sending an email to the site.

Exactly a year ago, after noticing increasing demand from employers, launched two premium services – ValidHire (Myjobo handles the advertising and screening process on behalf of clients), and ValidChecks (a professional pre-employment candidate background checking service). is the pioneer and the only relevant recruitment site in Malawi, a small Southern African country with a population of 18 million and internet penetration of 3.3 percent.

Last month the site received 384,000 site visits, according to SimilarWeb. The platform also has 40,300 registered job seekers and 329 registered employers.


Adegoke Seun

Adegoke Seun Oyeniyi is a business intelligence and media consultant specialized in helping foreign companies understand or penetrate African markets. He is also an award-winning business writer with Ashoka Scholar and 2016 Media Prize to his credit. He is the AIMGroup West Africa analyst covering major markets like Nigeria, Senegal and Ghana.