Otodom invites realtors to test new map service

09 Oct 2017

In Poland, Naspers’ real estate site Otodom.pl launched a new service in cooperation with Nawiguj.com, a tech start-up. It enables real estate agents to easily create maps of land on which the houses stand and to include them in their listings.

Nawiguj.com offers an app for real estate agents that helps you to easily locate your property on a map and get directly to your destination. Otodom announced the cooperation with this company in a blog post, at the same time encouraging realtors to test the new service.

Real estate agents can create three maps of land based on free codes sent to them by Otodom to test the service. They enter the codes on a service page, and provide e-mail addresses where the maps, as well as the plot-related data (including their addresses, numbers and the areas in which they are located), should be sent.

After hitting the “Generate jpg file” button, the plot map is sent to the e-mail inboxes they have provided. Then, they can add the maps to their listings on Otodom.pl or use it in printed forms.

Otodom hasn’t provided any information how the service will be priced after it seized to supply free codes to real estate agents.

Otodom is the largest real estate vertical in Poland. Otodom together with the real estate section of Naspers’ OLX.pl receive 6.7 million unique users and are way ahead of Polska Press’ Gratka.pl (about 1.5 million unique users), Morizon’s Morizon.pl and NNV’s Nieruchomosci-online.pl (both receive about a million unique users), and Agora’s Domiporta.pl (about 500,000 unique users), according to Megapanel PBI/Gemius in January 2017.


Andrzej Sowula

Andrzej Sowula has been a writer and an analyst for AIM Group since March 2013, focusing on the Polish market. As a journalist, he has worked in Poland for regional newspapers and national Internet-focused magazines for almost a decade. He has also substantial both in-house and in a PR agency experience as a PR specialist. Currently, he owns a small PR consultancy in Poland called PR Solutions. Andrzej has graduated from Journalism, Political Science and Business and Management at Jagiellonian University. He lives and works in Krakow.