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Ever get that feeling of déjà vu? We just did when we read that Monster has entered into an agreement with Sun Coast Media Group, a publisher of nine local newspapers in southwestern and central Florida.

Partnering with newspapers was the name of the game in the early days of the recruitment classified business and Monster was, well, the monster of those deals. But the company has lost many of those media properties to scrappier competitors like RealMatch.

When Monster was acquired last year by Dutch human resources staffing provider Randstad, we wondered if that meant the company would be blazing a new path.

Apparently not.

Monster will co-brand with Sun Coast’s papers and will provide Sun Coast with “best-in-class recruitment products, technology, training, employer branding and marketing solutions,” Kirsten Cummings, senior vice president and general manager branding and media solutions at Monster, said in a release.

Monster has never abandoned its newspaper partners. In 2016, it renewed its partnership with the Local Media Consortium, founded originally in 2006 as The Newspaper Consortium, one of the first connectors between the print newspaper business and the digital ad world. Yahoo was the founding member and, in 2009, HotJobs was used by 600 of then nearly 800 newspapers in the consortium. LMC now has 1,700 media sites in the United States.

Sun Coast Media Group publishes nine local newspapers serving communities in Charlotte and Sarasota counties, including The Charlotte Sun, The North Port Sun, The Punta Gorda Herald, The Englewood Sun, The Venice Gondolier Sun, The Arcadian, The Highlands News-Sun, The Polk County News and The Winter Haven Sun.