Has Craigslist just endorsed Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies? Not exactly.

But a new feature on the notoriously minimalist classified site, first noticed by a Reddit user earlier this month, allows sellers posting to Craigslist to check a box indicating if they’ll take cryptocurrencies as payment.

It’s not a full-on endorsement, since Craigslist doesn’t process payments on the site. Buyers and sellers still have to exchange money either in person or via another payment service. But it is an acknowledgment that, at the very least, Bitcoin and its crypto-cousins are here to stay.

It also makes sense for Craigslist which has faced down issues of fraud and theft since the site’s beginnings. Cryptocurrencies could add a more trusted and nearly instantaneous method of payment for both sides of a transaction. And it’s more practical than cash for bigger ticket items like cars.

Still, we’ll be more apt to declare that the age of cryptocurrency has finally arrived when you can buy a car on a mainstream classified site like AutoTrader using Bitcoin.

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