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2018 Automotive
Annual Report | $1,995

Big changes are coming in car ownership and digital car retailing. The seeds are sprouting, action is needed now, but the major impact will most likely come in five to 10 years.

This blockbuster report, with over 150 pages, dives into this and also features:

  • New revenue models critical to the future of car marketplaces
  • The impact of “usership” vs. “ownership” on car sales and advertising
  • The disruption of both Autotrader.com and Cars.com in the U.S. by CarGurus
  • What Amazon and Facebook are doing with online auto sales and advertising
  • How financial and insurance companies are getting into the act
  • And much more

Even if you're involved in real estate, recruitment or any of the other classified / marketplace industries, do not ignore this report. The trends that affect autos will also have an impact on your world, with many interesting parallels to explore.

Money-back guarantee on all reports.

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