Jurgen Vugts, who has been the managing director of leading Dutch used-auto site AutoScout24.nl  for the last 12 years, is about to leave his post, the Dutch media reported.

Jurgen Vugts, former managing director of AutoScout24.nl 

The reason for the Vugts’ (LinkedIn profile) departure was not specified.

AutoScout24 has recently launched a car price assessment tool, which has stirred some controversy. In November, the AIM Group reported that the tool had been heavily criticized by Dutch car dealers.  As a result, the price assessment tool was removed from the Dutch site until further notice. It continues to run on the German version of the site.

Vugts will be replaced by AutoScout24 country director for France and Belgium Vincent Hancart (LinkedIn profile) — who has was leading these sites for the last nineteen years.

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