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South Africa has a new recruitment vertical and Skils R Us is focused on finding work for the county’s high number of unemployed graduates.

Skills R US founder Kgotso Kobo

Skills R US founder Kgotso Kobo

Speaking to The Media Online, Skills R Us founder Kgotso Kobo (LinkedIn profile) describes his vertical as a dating platform for careers. “We let employers and graduates find each other.” Besides permanent employment, the site also helps graduates find internships, bursaries and job placement opportunities. 

Kobo, who comes from a banking and trade background, says he got the idea from an Uber driver who told him about his brother struggling to find a job, despite his Masters qualification. About 60 percent of South Africans between the ages of 18 and 24 are unemployed and Kobo felt he needed to do something.

For the most part, Skills R Us — which was launched in 2017 — works the same as any traditional recruitment vertical. Kobo points out the site’s packages for recruiters are much cheaper than many others in SA.

All customers are given a free trial period of one job listing listed for 15 days. Thereafter, they can choose a standard package, which costs  R1,125 ($95 U.S) for 10 listings listed for 45 days; or a bulk package for up to 25 listings at R1,690. Featured listings cost R375.  South Africa’s leading recruitment site Careers24, charges R4,950 ($418 U.S.) for 10 standard listings.

What really sets Skills R Us apart from its competitors is its “job-ready” training solutions. “ If a large company employs a pool of graduates at once, we then offer to train them on key areas like time management, organization fit, emotional intelligence, how to dress for the job, presentation skills etc.,” Kobo explained. 

While it’s unclear how many clients the company has so far, it lists names like Avbob, the Industrial Development Corporation,  and the World Bank on its homepage. According to Kabo, there are 1000 candidates registered on Skills R Us; which has filled 48 positions since its inception.

A similar recruitment site was recently launched in Turkey. The AIM Group reported on Iyimezun— which translates to “good graduate”— in the 2018 Recruitment Advertising Annual. The startup uses a series of online tests to assess candidates’ aptitude. Job-seekers are then given their  “Iyimezun score” which is essentially a measure of their employability.