Spanish auto classified has forged a partnership with leading insurance and roadside assistance provider The alliance will improve insurance and other services for SocialCar users and give the RACC access to the auto-sharing sector.

SocialCar was founded by CEO Mar Alarcón (LinkedIn profile) in 2011. In addition to facilitating second-hand auto sales, the site allows users to list their own vehicles for short-term or monthly rental, or to rent a car. The service is flexible, with rental cars available for pick up in a specified location, at an airport, or delivered to the renter’s home.

Mar Alarcón

The site was launched with €800,000 in seed funding (Crunchbase figures). It now has around 150,000 users and operates in some 600 Spanish towns and cities.

In a statement announcing the RACC partnership, Alarcón said the deal will reinforce SocialCar’s growth and “guarantee excellent service… that will complement our activities, such as vehicle maintenance, roadside assistance, and customer service.”

Josep Mateu, president of the RACC, highlighted the business’s evolution towards “mobility services”. He said the partnership with SocialCar will increase its “knowledge and experience in the environment of the collaborative economy and affordable and sustainable mobility.”

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