In Poland, the OLX Group’s services vertical has pivoted to focus on listing services from renovation and construction industries.

The AIM Group reported on the vertical in May last year, when a part of the beta site was made available to service providers to test. In July 2017, the OLX Group launched a fully operational version of, with a section where providers of professional services list their services (more).

Now, the vertical announced in a blog post that it’s decided to focus on listing renovation and construction-related services only, as they are the most popular among the site users (about 80 percent of all searches by users).

The site also said it’s refreshed its listings categories to reflect the shift. The services are now grouped into the following categories: Construction and renovation, Electrician, Plumber, and Furniture.

Fixly has also launched a more user-friendly service provider evaluation system.

Apart from Fixly, Naspers’ OLX Group operates the general classified site, the real estate vertical and the auto site in Poland. All Naspers’ sites are visited by altogether 15,3 million users, who generate 1.5 billion page views per month (according to PBI/Gemius Megapanel; 12/2017).

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