Carousell, one of the fastest growing mobile classifieds in Southeast Asia, has introduced chat-reply functionality.

This comes after the company identified replying to multiple messages as one of its sellers most common gripes.  It hopes to leverage machine learning and neural networks to solve this problem. 

Carousell has revealed that its messaging function will now have reply suggestions created by the app. This technology is not new and is most commonly used in email applications.

Using machine learning or what Carousell is technically calling “a pair of machine learning models”, responses are crafted for sellers to choose from. One model suggests general replies while the other determines if the message already has an answer within the listing’s description.

The neural network technology reviews up to 20 past messages in a conversation and attempts to select a correct response. The AI has been trained on millions of actual, real-life conversations.

To respect Carousell’s user privacy and data, all data for developing the model was encrypted and engineers could only inspect aggregated statistics across the many users.

Chat-Reply is available for users in Singapore. Read more about the technology behind the new chat-reply on

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