Global jobs search engine has decided to give small-scale businesses access to its pre-vetted pool of tech talents free of cost, but with limited features to make subscriptions worthwhile.

Subscription-based service Indeed Prime launched in 2016.It gives recruiters and employers access to a pool of pre-vetted tech candidates that include software engineers, product managers, and data scientists. These candidates have been assessed based on their skills, education and work experience.

Indeed Prime candidates have so far received more than 85,000 offers.

“The new Basic plan [from Indeed Prime] is a free, limited version of Prime for individuals from smaller companies who hire one to 10 tech roles per year,” Indeed said in a blog. The plan includes unlimited access to candidates, but without the “robust feature set available to those with paid, subscription-based plans”.

Indeed Prime’s subscribers have access to the updated candidate profiles 14 days before a basic plan’s users can see them. They also get access to a personal dashboard, recruiting analytics, response rates, and rejection reasons. All in all, the paid service is attractive enough for employers to consider upgrading to a subscription plan: a smart bait-and-switch tactic.

Indeed (owned by Japanese Recruit Holdings) has been rolling out services aimed at encouraging long-term relationships with recruiters and employers. In January, the site introduced the Hiring Insights service for employers to assess job market and candidate data.

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