Mercari Co. Ltd., the operator of the flea market app Mercari, has announced that it will gradually scale down its hyper-local horizontal Mercariatte (iOS, Android, and web versions) before terminating the site on May 31.

In a news statement, the company said it had decided to terminate the service “to concentrate management resources throughout the group”. “Mercari group will work to further improve the management service including the flea application Mercari by rearranging management resources,” it added.

Mercariatte launched in March 2016. The app functions will gradually be eliminated. Listing services will be closed at the end of March, but users can continue to edit ads until May 31,

Mercari Inc. has a rich portfolio of services, including a marketplace for books, CDs and DVDs called Mercarikauru; a marketplace with a price appraisal feature, known as Mercarimaisonz; app-development subsidiary; on-demand share cycle service Merchari and online payment-provider Merpay. The company is also preparing to launch a skill-sharing service, which is currently at an advanced registration stage.

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