After launching in South Africa this month, Google Jobs says it isn’t planning to compete with local recruitment verticals.

This is according to the company’s director for SA Luke McKend (LinkedIn profile) in an article for Business Day. “It’s a feature within Google search that’s designed to bring job-seekers and employers closer together,” McKend said of the tool, which was launched in South Africa, Kenya and Nigeria at the beginning of March. 

“We’re not intending to compete. It’s more about sending qualified traffic back to the place where that job was sourced,” he said, adding: “Fortunately, this space is big enough for everybody to have their niche.”

It’s interesting to note that Google Jobs hit SA in March, two months after the company said it saw the most job searches in the country. “Every January for the past five years we’ve seen an increase in the number of searches related to jobs in SA,” Mckend said. “Job searching is highly seasonal. A lot of it happens in the first quarter of the year.” 

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