Hire by Google, the search engine giant’s applicant tracking system wants to help recruiters and hiring managers more easily re-surface “almost” candidates.

Let’s say you’ve received 250 job candidates for a single open position. That means 249 applicants go into the rejection pile. But that doesn’t mean they’re not a good fit for the company — just that the match for the particular job in question didn’t work out. That’s where Hire by Google’s new candidate discovery feature comes in.

The new feature looks at the job description, title, and location of a job ad; then matches that data to a list of past candidates. Google will give a higher rank to candidates who previously rejected an offer, followed by those who received positive feedback.

“Companies haven’t always had an easy way to identify past candidates that might be a good match for new jobs,” Omar Eduardo Fernández (LinkedIn profile), a product manager on the Hire team, explained.

Hire’s new candidate discovery can also parse a job description’s free text to aid in the matches. For example, a job’s location can be teased out even if that isn’t explicitly written in a “location” field. Notes about applicants, such as whether an offer had been extended or why the recruiter rejected a candidate, are accessible, as well.

In a separate announcement, Google has added tighter integration between Hire and Gmail. A new Gmail add-on allows recruiters to create a new profile for a candidate who applied via Gmail, that will be automatically saved to the Hire database. Recruiters can upload resumes sent via email to Hire without leaving the Gmail environment.

If you’re a recruiter or hiring manager and you live much of your online life in Gmail, this could be a particularly helpful addition.

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