One of Germany’s newest job boards Trueredo uses crowdsourcing along with a recruitment service to fill jobs.

On the margins of Sourcing Summit Germany (SOSUDE) in Munich today, managing director Hanjoerg Beger (LinkedIn profile) explained the site extends the classic employee referral process to include a broader network of professionals who can refer their contacts for jobs. “We see that good referrals don’t always just come from internal sources,” he said.

Trueredo fills jobs using personal referrals

The site recruits Talent Scouts, essentially any professional who is interested in referring others, to register on the platform. They recommend contacts for the openings posted on Trueredo’s job board.

The recruitment process for each job is overseen by one of Trueredo’s Talent Coaches, who also conducts a direct search for candidates via targeted channels. Once potential candidates are identified (via crowdsourced referrals and direct search), the Talent Coach prescreens candidates and presents their profiles in a dashboard for employers to rate. The entire process is supposed to take six weeks or less.

Depending on the package, Trueredo can also take over the entire hiring process up to signing the contract.

Talent Scouts who refer a successful hire get a referral bonus based on the salary. They can take the money or donate it to a charity supported by Trueredo. Beger, a former VP of human resources for Sony Ericsson, among other firms, said many people who refer others don’t do it for the money. “They want to help their friends.”

The site launched in mid-2017 and is still in beta. It currently lists a small number of positions in technical sales and software development (example: senior IT architect, with a referral bonus of €1,500). Employers pay per ad or on a subscription basis.

Employee referral services like Talentry, Firstbird and Xing’s ReferralManager have been on the German market for several years, but Beger claims there are few job sites offering a broader crowdsourcing service.


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