Dick Burke spent almost 16 years at Classified Ventures in a wide variety of roles, before moving on after the sale of Apartments.com. He has been CEO of Envoy Global, an immigration services company in Chicago, Dick Burkefor a bit more than three years now.

“Built in Chicago,” a website covering Chicago businesses, interviewed Burke and two of his colleagues about Envoy Global for a “growth spotlight” article. If you knew Burke in his time at CV, it’s an interesting read.

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Oddly, although Classified Ventures went out of business when Cars.com — the last of its components — was sold, it keeps popping up in news alerts. Some robot stock tracking programs have decided Cars.com (NYSE: CARS) is actually Classified Ventures, and they keep attributing movement in the stock or analyst recommendations to CV rather than Cars.com. A quirk of robots writing “news.”

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