There’s no evidence supporting a class action suit against allegedly deliberate low home estimates at Zillow, an Illinois federal judge said on Monday.

The lawsuit claimed that the low Zestimates — the company’s term for automatically-generated home estimates — were duping home buyers into hiring certain brokers preferred by Zillow. U.S. District Judge Amy St. Eve granted the company’s motion to dismiss the second iteration of the proposed class action.

Last year, St. Eve dismissed a separate lawsuit against Zillow which claimed its Zestimates were too low and were masquerading as accurate appraisals, which only a state-licensed appraiser can prepare in Illinois.

The real estate marketplace seems to be regularly hit by brokers disgruntled with the accuracy of its Zestimates. A lawsuit currently still in process, that was filed in January, alleges that the company is restraining competition by making deals with certain brokerages to “hide” Zestimates on the brokerages’ for sale listings pages.

New Jersey-based EJ MGT, which owns a multimillion-dollar property in the state, felt that the Zestimate for its property was too low. It asked Zillow to move the Zestimate to a lower position to the page, as the company said it had seen on other brokerages’ pages.

The property vertical, according to the lawsuit, said no, claiming that its ability to “conceal” a Zestimate was subject to agreements between Zillow and specific brokerages.

EJ MGT submitted this damning email exchange:

We’ll keep you posted if Zillow wins or loses this one.

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