Japanese used-smartphone marketplace Smama.jp has canceled its instant purchase offer to avoid scams and retain high selling prices.

Smama operates a recommerce service that used to buy devices instantly, at a fixed price. It found that 80 percent of units worth more than 20,000 yen ($183 U.S.)  didn’t match the description given by sellers. This meant that these units had to be sold at a lower price than expected, parent company Jiraffe Inc. said in a statement. While users will now have to wait for their devices to be verified before receiving payment, they’re likely to get a better price out of the deal.

Smama, however, promises to purchase all the unsold inventories on the listing platform.

Jiraffe launched in October 2014. It secured Series B funding worth 400 million yen ($3.5 million U.S.) from different investors, including Mercari in November last year. The company also runs a price comparison site Hikakaku.com and a repair assistant service called Saiyasu-syuuri.com. Recommerce app Cash.jp poses tough rivalry to the flea market.

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