In Poland, Naspers’ has launched new price packages for its Services category and changed fees for listing cars.

You can now buy listings in the Services categories in Business and Premium packages of 5, 10, 20 and 50 listings. The prices for a single listing in a Business package ranges from 24.80 zlotys or $6.90 U.S. (package of five listings) to 22.90 zlotys or $6.40 U.S. (50 listings).

Under the premium package, single listings cost between 37.80 zlotys or $10.60 U.S. (package of five listings) and 32 zlotys or $8.90 U.S. (50 listings).

Using the business package you can, among other things, create a company website, add a company logo on the listing page and refresh your listing after 7 days. With the premium package, you can refresh your listings up to three times, your company website can be expanded with a personalized banner and the listing can be enriched with company graphics and logos. introduced similar packages in its Jobs category last month (we reported on it here).

The site has also expanded the price range for vehicle listings. There are currently four price thresholds. Vehicles worth up to 5,000 zlotys or $1,399 U.S. can be listed for 24.99 zlotys or $7 U.S.. Vehicles priced between 5,001 – 15,000 zlotys can be listed for 29.99 zlotys or $8.40 U.S.. Listings for vehicles worth  15,001-25,000 zlotys cost  34.99 zlotys while listings for vehicles worth more than 25,000 zlotys cost 39.99 zlotys or $11.2 U.S..

The above prices apply to PayU payments. You can find the full price list here. is the largest general classifieds site in Poland. It received a total of 133.7 million visits to its web and mobile sites in April, according to SimilarWeb.

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