When Facebook began allowing automotive dealers to post inventory to its Marketplace classified app in 2017, there was a hitch: as was the case with individual car sellers, vehicle listings from dealers had to be uploaded and maintained manually.

That opened a market for tools to automate the process. Greenville, South Carolina-based DOM360 is the latest company to throw its hat into the Marketplace automation ring.

The digital agency’s new tool plugs into a dealership’s software, scans inventory every evening for any changes and then sends those to Marketplace automatically.

DOM360 is a boutique digital agency focused on the automotive industry. The 70-person company offers social media consulting, search engine marketing, website development, video production, and now Facebook Marketplace tools. The company has 300 clients.

Boca Raton-based Gubagoo launched a similar product last year, as an add-on to its dealer chat tool. Gubagoo expanded its offering to Canada and the U.K. this week.

Facebook lists a number of other inventory partners for automotive, including ActivEngage, Auction123, Cars.com, CDK Global, Edmunds and Social Dealer in the U.S.; CarPages, CarMedia 2.0 and Strathcom Media in Canada; and Motors.co.uk and Gforces in the U.K.



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