LinkedIn has created an internal AI Academy for its employees which will start with classes for engineers, product managers and executives.

The first cohort of employees from LinkedIn Engineering just started going through the program, and the company says that depending on their experience level, some may complete the program with an AI product that is ready to integrate into their team’s production workflow.

The instructors in the program are all AI experts from LinkedIn’s core AI team, according to a post on their Engineering blog. 

LinkedIn hopes to expand the program so that every employee can gain some degree of AI expertise. 

There are four levels of classes, each one a deeper dive than the last. When participants are done, LinkedIn wants them to have an understanding of what they say in the post is one of the most important issues in the field: which problems AI can solve and which ones it can’t.

Source: LinkedIn

LinkedIn’s Head of Science and Engineering Craig Martell (LinkedIn profile) says, “For us, success with the AI Academy looks like every engineer, product manager, and other employee at LinkedIn knowing the optimal amount about AI for their job. Our goal is to scale AI across all of LinkedIn. This will give all of our employees a language in common with our AI specialists, facilitating further collaboration, and will allow us to continue increasing the value we provide our members”.

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