Business card management app Wantedly People now lets its users exchange greetings and salutations to build personal connections and keep up with their networking.

A user can write a message of up to 150 characters by tapping an icon on the upper-right of the screen. The recipient will then see the note as a push notification. Users can also share news, which their connections can “like” or comment on.

The free app can convert up to 10  physical business cards to digital versions at a time, by using artificial intelligence technology. It’s available for iOS and Android. Wantedly People scans cards and transfers data online in a comma-separated value format, allowing users to search their database by name, company name, job title, phone number or email addresses. This information can also be exported to a desktop for editing or viewing. The data is automatically synchronized with Wantedly profiles.

Introduced by Japanese social recruiting site Wantedly in Nov. 2016, the app has netted two million users and digitized more than 50 million cards as of May, according to a news statement.

Wantedly Inc. was launched in Japan in 2012 and runs a simple notification service (SNS) in Singapore, Hong Kong, and Germany. It’s the largest career networking platform in the country with more than 25,000 registered companies. The SNS has more than two million monthly users.

Other major jobs sites in Japan are RikunabiNextBaitoruNext, and

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