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Japanese staffing firm Adecco.co.jp recently acquired all of the freelance tech jobs site A-Star.co.jp‘s shares, for an undisclosed amount.

In a statement, Adecco said the acquisition will pave the way to digital platform business for freelancers and help the company promote career management services in the growing gig economy. It will also help the company promote crowd-sourcing services — which are estimated to reach 295 billion yen ($2.7 billion U.S.) by 2020 as compared to 21.5 billion yen ($196.3 million U.S.) in 2013.

Established in 1985, Tokyo-headquartered Adecco Corp. is a Japanese subsidiary of a world’s leading human resource company Adecco Group. It has 3,000 employees. The corporation already operates a temporary tech jobs site TBrain.Adecco.co.jp. It also runs a general temporary jobs site Haken.Adecco.co.jp, a regular jobs site SpringJapan.com, and a jobs site for fresh graduates Campus.SpringJapan.com.

Adecco’s deal was a timely bet as rival recruitment companies are focusing on tech jobs opportunities and dispatch jobs ads. Almost all the major staffing firms have temporary jobs sites in their portfolios. En-Japan Inc. runs IT jobs site Careerhack.En-Japan.com and temporary employment site Haken.En-Japan.com. LiveSense Inc. has Haken.J-Sen.jp. DIP Corp. operates temporary and part-time jobs site Baitoru and the market leader Recruit Holdings is behind Haken.Rikunabi.com.

A-Star isn’t a small company. More than 1,000 IT engineers are registered with the site — which claimed to be the largest among its contemporaries. The annual size of projects listed on the site is about 100 billion yen ($913 million U.S.), while freelancers have raked in 7.2 billion yen ($65.7 million U.S.) in paychecks since 2012.

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