According to a recent report by Turkey’s Informatics Industry Association (Tübi̇sad), the country’s online marketplace market grew only 35 percent last year— two percent behind the e-commerce market. 

Burak Ertas

Burak Ertas

The Turkey E-Commerce 2017 Market Size Report was compiled in cooperation with Deloitte and SimilarWeb. E-commerce revenues in Turkey reached  TL 42.2 billion ($9.1 billion U.S.) in 2017 while online marketplaces brought in TL 7.1 billion ($1.6 billion U.S.)

President of the Tübi̇sad e-commerce commission and CEO of Burak Ertas (LinkedIn profile) is impressed with the growth of e-commerce in Turkey. “We have shown great growth and development not only in the e-commerce market but also in other areas that support e-commerce.”

That said, Ertas pointed out that e-commerce is still struggling to overtake the retail market. “However, we believe that development in some areas such as machine learning, AI, increasing mobile usage and 5G technologies will accelerate the growth of e-commerce.”     



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