Used-cars listing service CarView, a subsidiary of Yahoo Japan, has introduced a new vehicle registration feature on its simple notification service MinKara.

The feature lets users erase or blur a vehicle’s registration number when they upload a photo of the vehicle, taken with a mobile phone. This function wasn’t previously available on MinKara’s Android and iOS apps, according to a news statement.

CarView’s SNS is aimed at like-minded auto enthusiasts, allowing them to share hobbies and interests and interact on its platform. The service recorded about 8.5 million unique users a month in March, with around 420 million monthly page views. Its registered members have surpassed 900,000, making MinKara the country’s biggest auto-specialized SNS.

Tokyo-based CarView Corp. started operating in September 1996.  It was integrated as a subsidiary of Yahoo Japan in June 2013. The company’s main rivals include and Recruit Holdings’ Yahoo Japan also operated a used-auto site with an international focus called

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