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Japanese engineer and programmer-focused jobs site ICD Career Plus has overhauled its site and introduced a new payment structure to reduce mismatches and deliver more suitable candidates.

Job-seekers can now scout for jobs offered by 1,800 partner companies, based on program languages or programming skills and the area in which they want to work, according to a news statement. They can also search for jobs based on employment status: regular, contractual, dispatch, part-time or outsourcing (freelance).

ICD has introduced a pay-per-click model for listings. The company will also take a percentage of suitable candidate’s salary once an appointment is made, but offers refunds for matches that turn out to be unsuitable. It now integrates listings with Indeed, offering more traffic.

Established in Nov. 2000, ICD Career Plus is owned by Tokyo-headquartered Interactive Communication Design Co. Ltd..

En-Japan Inc. also runs an IT jobs site CareerHack.En-Japan.com, while human resource company Adecco Group added to its portfolio of IT jobs sites recently, by acquiring freelance tech jobs site A-Star.co.jp (we reported on the acquisition here). The group already operates temporary tech jobs site TBrain.Adecco.co.jp.