Japanese Internet firm C-Style, which operates a property jobs site Sumaistar.com/Shokai and real estate price-comparison site Sumaistar.com, has rebranded itself as Living Technologies Inc. 

The domain name has also been changed to Lvn.co.jp. In a news statement, the company said the rebrand aims to promote social advancement in technologies that are used for living, which indicates its desire to further expand and diversify the businesses.

Established in Jan. 2004, Living Tech recently entered the human resource management field by launching a jobs site for the property sector (we reported on it here). The company has 70 employees on its payroll.

It currently handles planning, development, and management of web media for the real estate industry and e-commerce firms, like Yahoo Japan. It also creates internet advertising. Tokyo-headquartered Living Tech has two other offices in Osaka and Fukuoka.

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